I am a researcher at Cohere, working group co-chair for Dynabench at MLCommons, and a final-year PhD student with the UCL NLP group under the supervision of Pontus Stenetorp and Sebastian Riedel. I have a Masters degree from the UCL Department of Computer Science and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malta.

The focus of my current research lies at the intersection of Large Language Model (LLM) robustness and Dynamic Adversarial Data Collection (DADC). I also lead the MSIN0221 Natural Language Processing module at the UCL SoM, and work closely with industry on the application of cutting-edge NLP research. Previously, I have interned at DeepMind with Po-Sen Huang and Johannes Welbl. I have also collaborated with Facebook AI Research (FAIR) under the guidance of Douwe Kiela and Robin Jia on dynamic adversarial data collection, improving model robustness and using generative assistants to improve annotation. I also worked as a Machine Learning Engineer at Bloomsbury AI.


Gave a talk on NLP Applications and Large Language Models to the Capital Enterprise startup network.


Honoured to have been nominated by my students for the UCL Inspiring Teaching Delivery award 🙏


That’s a wrap! Another year of the MSIN0221 Natural Language Processing lectures comes to an end. Exciting to see the growing interest in NLP and its application!


Gave an invited talk on Dynamic Advsersarial Data Collection for Large Language Models at the UCL AI Centre seminar on The Present and Future of Large Language Models in Theory and Practice.


Presented recent work on DADC and GAAs at the King’s College London Distributed Artificial Intelligence group. Thanks for the insightful discussions!


Super excited to announce that I have joined Cohere and will be working on making large language models more useful and robust.


I’m in Seattle for NAACL 2022! I’ll be presenting Models in the Loop: Aiding Crowdworkers with Generative Annotation Assistants on Wednesday, 13th July at 10:45 PST. And don’t forget to join us at the DADC workshop on Thursday, 14th July for same amazing keynote talks, a diverse panel, presentations from our Shared Task participants and best paper winners, posters, prizes & much more!


Our work Fantastically Ordered Prompts and Where to Find Them: Overcoming Few-Shot Prompt Order Sensitivity has been selected as an outstanding paper at ACL 2022!


Our work Models in the Loop: Aiding Crowdworkers with Generative Annotation Assistants has been accepted as an oral presentation at NAACL 2022!


Excited to announce that I have joined DeepMind as a Research Scientist Intern.


Gave an invited talk on Dynamic Adversarial Data Collection for Question Answering at the Oracle Labs ML Seminar Series. This was a particularly fun and interactive one, thanks for the invite!


The call for participation for the Shared Task at the DADC Workshop co-located with NAACL ‘22 in Seattle is now live! We have three fantastic tracks for you to participate in. Sign up here!

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